How to Get CIF Number in Central Bank of India

The Banking sector has shown a drastic change from the traditional banking services to the current banking services. With the advent of mobile banking, a lot of people have started availing banking services without any hassle of standing in long queues.

All Banks including our Central Bank of India have observed phenomenal changes that have led to recognizable improvements in banking sector providing utmost relief to the customers.

Banking services have modernized and it is worth considering CIF, Customer Information File number here.  This number is unique to every account holder and is basically a computerized file containing all of the personal and account information of the account holder.

This number holds special significance as no bank can view account information without this number. This number forms one of the major aspects of mobile banking services.


Normally, Central Bank of India updates this 11-digit, CIF number on a regular basis because it is very important to maintain the account accuracy flawlessly. CIF number includes information such as:

Type of the account
Details related to the customer holding the account
Account balance
Current transactions

This number holds significance because all banks including the central bank of India sells products and services to the customers based on this number only. If you want to transfer your bank account from one branch to another, then CIF number is used.

Let us now move on to How to find this CIF number in Central Bank of India:

  1. If you are holding passbook of your Central Bank of India, then it may or may not have your CIF number printed over it.
  2. You may get your CIF number if it is printed on the cheque book issued by the bank to you.
  3. Visit the bank branch ask your CIF number
  4. You may use Central Bank of India net banking portal by logging on the site.

These are possible four methods to know cif number of Central bank of India account. If you know any other easy method, please share with us.


  1. 9768266769(REGED)/9892865917-a/c at juhuvilleparle btanch.I feel I been frauded with C.B.I. bank. Not ensuring about my CIF no. as I given CIF of AIRTEL nt AIRCEL & it also transmitted with my mpassbook. Even I gave my EMAIL add. nt updated. Also I found clone of two sims with a Idea sim connection 7377958530 also cloned & stolen fr bank A/C fraudulency. Even this CIF no. also a ph. No which two time rang up-

  2. Hi dear,

    I am bhupender.actually i want to use my cent banking app but when i m trying to registration on the app there is required cif please let me know my cif nomber.

    Thanku regard

  3. i need CIF no, I don’t have passbook so where can I get CIF no?
    my account no is can you pleas sms the number on register mobile no (9586375430) in the bank(Jaleswar Branch) Odisha, please sir send me as soon as possible.
    Thanks and regards

  4. Dear sir
    I am mohd was in l am out of My home town so My mobile banking password have blocked please tell me My cif of this account no.3136598027 tell me please as soon as possible..

  5. sir, i forgot my userid and password, i want to know my cif number. please help me on this, my account number is 20005236158 .It will be a great help.

  6. sir, i have forgotten my username for my netbankig activation i need cif number.can u please send me the cif num

  7. Sir, I’m out of town and I need my cif number as soon as possible. Can you send my cif number on my email

  8. Hello sir / madam
    I want to my CIF number but I don’t have my passbook . Now I need to known my CIF NUMBER how its possible … Can u please explain in detail???

  9. i need CIF no, I don’t have passbook so where can I get CIF no?
    my account no is 20085757735 can you pleas sms the number on register mobile no in the bank(Konwa branch Pune)

  10. Hello Team,
    I dont have an passbook I just have SBI credit card and on my e-statement I dont see CIF number.
    How to proceed further without going to a bank

    • Respected sir, I have forgotten my username and password for internet banking. as now i am out of state i can’t reach my branch To recover it, i need CIF no. Can you Please mail my CIF no. on the given email id. Kindly do the required.

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